Vakrasana Yoga Pose (Twisted Pose)

Nowadays yoga is very popular all over the world. Peoples are very much interested to practice yoga poses. Yoga Poses helps to strengthen inner organs of the body and prevent from many diseases. Many of you heard that yoga is good for diabetes. Vakrasana is the best yoga for chronic diseases like constipation, diabetes etc. Diabetes patients should practice this pose in the morning and evening is highly beneficial.

Vakrasana means we twist and turn our body to practice it. Let us see how to practice and health benefits of vakrasana.


How to Practise Vakrasana (Twisted Pose)

1. Sit on the carpet, stretch the legs straight.

2. Fold the right leg. Keeps the right leg’s heel touching the left leg’s knee.

3. Take the right hand to back of the waist twisting your trunk, spread in palms and place it on the carpet.

4. Bring the left hand close to right knee and hold the right leg’s ankle or big toe with the left hand.

5. Twist the head and shoulder to right side and look straight to the right shoulder’s side (i.e back side).

6. Stay in the pose up to 30 counts breathing normally.

7. Turn the head to the front, release hands holding the right leg’s ankle or big toe, stretch the legs, keep the palm on the carpet in a relaxed manner and take rest for 10 seconds.

8. Now follow the same procedure to the left side. It is enough to practice 2 rounds (i.e 2 times in the right side and 2 times in the left side.). After finish 2 rounds do savasana (Corpse Pose).


1. Those who suffer from ulcer and enlargement of liver should not practice it.

2. After folding right leg only the right hand has to be taken to back, not the left hand. Do not practice more than 2 rounds.

Vakrasana benefits:

1. It helps to reduce belly fat.

2. It improves the function of both spinal cord and nervous system.

3. Enlargement of liver and spleen are arrested.

4. It helps to prevent and control diabetes.

5. It kindles adrenal gland to function properly.

6. Waist and back pain are overtaken.

7. It strengthens kidney.

8. Chronic back pain and shoulder pain are weeded out.

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If you like this yoga pose do not forget to share. Diabetes persons do this pose regularly for one month and tell the benefits you gained.

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