Vajrasana | Thunderbolt Pose – How to Do and Health Benefits

Vajrasana is one of the beginners yoga pose packed with lot of health benefits. “Vajra” means Thunderbolt in Sanskrit. So it is also called as Thunderbolt Pose. Practising this yoga pose regularly helps to keeps you strong and healthy. Basically yoga poses are practice only on empty stomach. But this yoga pose can be practice after taking food. One special benefit of vajrasana is to avoid indigestion from your life.


How to do Vajrasana

1. Sit on the carpet stretching the legs together.

2. Fold the right leg and tuck the sole (foot) under the right buttock.

3. Follow the same for left leg (fold the left leg and tuck the sole under the left buttock) and keep both the knees together.

4. Place the big toes toughing the other, briskly spread the soles and sit on it. Spinal cord has to be kept straight.

5. Place the palms on the right thighs without bending the elbows.

6. Breathing normally and remains up to 30 counts.

7. For release, slowly lean the upper body forward and place the hands on the carpet. Sit on left side and take the right leg and straighten it. Then sit on right side and take the left leg and sit straight.

Health Benefits of Vajrasana

1. It relieves headache.

2. Weakness of kidney gets eliminated and propels the function.

3. Knee joint pain gets lubricated.

4. Practicing this asana regularly arrests arthritis.

5. Sciatica and Nervous disorders gets subdued.

6. Indigestion gets suppressed.

7. It helps to reduce stress and keeps you relax.

Pre Caution:

1. Pregnant women should not practice this yoga pose.

2. Those who suffer from arthritis should avoid this yoga pose.

3. While practicing vajrasana, if pain arises around the heel. Then place a pillow and practice on it.

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