Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose) – How to do and Health Benefits

Sarvangasana is one of the advanced yoga pose packed with lot of health benefits. It is a total body workout pose. If you read the health benefits of sarvangasana then you like to do this yoga pose every day. Because it strengthens all the inner parts of your body and keeps it strong and healthy. It is also called as shoulder stand pose. Check out how to practise and its health benefits.


How to do Sarvangasana

Follow these easy steps to do sarvangasana. After finishing practice go to Savasana (Corpse Pose).

1. Lie on the carpet with legs together.

2. Raise the legs to an angle of 90 degree. Now press the floor with your palms, lift the waist and bring the legs forward. Then keep them vertical to the ground.

3. Bend the hands, hold the waist with the palms, balancing and raise the legs to an angle of 90 degree to the floor. Body and legs should ne straight vertical to the floor.

4. The whole weight of the body resting on the shoulder blade and adjust if it is not straight. Rest the elbow on the floor with palms supporting the body.

5. Maintain the pose up to 50 or to 100 counts. Eyes should see the toe nail. Legs should not move.

6. Lower the legs toe and back. Take the hands from the back and place it on the floor. Briskly bring the back to the floor, the legs and lie down.

7. Take rest and do it again. After finishing two rounds do savasana (corpse pose).

Health Benefits of Sarvangasana

These are the most important health benefits of sarvangasana.

1. Blood circulatory system, respiratory system and digestive system will be vivified.

2. While practicing this yoga pose more blood flows into throat, thyroid gland will be invigorated.

3. Sexual disorders are cured easily.

4. It rectifies disorders in ears, nose and throat.

5. Diseases at the bottom and around the heels are cured.

6. Hair loss and premature graying of hair are put to end or controlled.

7. Diseases caused in and around groin (also called as hernia) area will be cured.

8. Practise sarvangasana regularly decrease or increase body weight and maintains the perfect body weight.

9. Menstrual disorders, frequent abortions, leucorrhoea and barrenness in women are also cured.

10. Chronic patients will recover their loosed strength.

11. Kidney disorders are cured and urinary bladder is also made to function properly.

12. Regular practice of this yoga pose brightens the eye sight, diminishes dimness in hearing and improves the power of smelling in nose.

13. It purifies blood. Hence leukemia and such other skin diseases are easily cured.

14. Shrinking of skins, wrinkles in face, aged look and stiffness are refreshened and skin begins to bloom.

15. Masturbation and loss of seminal fluid through night wetting and other ways are brought into control and helps to restore their health to normal.

16. Asthma, liver disorders, intestinal disorders, constipation, diabetes, varicose veins and insomnia are cured.


Those who have affected by these following problems should avoid practice this pose.

1. High blood pressure

2. Heart problems

3. Middle ear trouble

4. Capillary

5. Weak age

6. Spondylosis

7. Slipped disc

For weak or old age people practice viparithakarani as an alternate for this yoga pose and gain all the benefits of sarvangasana.

Useful Tips:

1. Those who could not raise their body can practice it using pillows.

2. It is not good to practice this yoga pose facing east or west. So practice this pose by keep your head towards north is beneficial.

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