Matsyasana (Fish Pose) – Steps to Do and Health benefits

Matsyasana is one of the beginners yoga pose inbuilt with lot of health benefits. Another name of this yoga pose is Fish Pose. What that means Fish in a pond eats every dirty and clean the water. Likewise, Matsyasana purifies our blood and keeps us healthy. So it is called as Fish Pose. Let us see the steps to practise and health benefits of matsyasana (Fish pose).


How to do Matsyasana and its Health Benefits

Steps to Practise Matsyasana

1. Sit on the carpet; fold the both legs together like Padmasana, Ardha Padmasana or Sukasana.

2. Thrusting hands on the carpet and slowly lies down.

3. Place the palms next to ears, towards the shoulder blade.

4. Press palms and waist, raise the trunk and head. Then place the crown of the head on the floor.

5. Place both the hands on the thighs and relax the elbow on the floor. If possible hold the toe with the fingers.

6. Now the crown of head and lower body on the floor making an arc shape on the back. Maintain the pose at least 50 or 100 counts.

7. Release the fingers, thrust the palms on the floor and raise the head and shoulder blade, rest them on the floor. Unfold the legs, straighten them and do savasana.

Important Points to Remember:

1. At the beginning stage, place the hands next to head.

2. Those who could not fold their legs can practice it with legs stretched.

3. Placing pillows under the back may ease to do this pose.

4. Practise this pose by sitting towards north direction is highly beneficial.

Benefits of Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

1. Spinal Cord and back muscle tissues gets refreshed.

2. It helps to cure asthma and respiratory disorders.

3. Headache caused by stiffness of neck can be cured easily.

4. Practicing this yoga pose regularly helps to cure impotency.

5. It is an alternate yoga pose for sarvangasana.

6. Stiffness caused by the practice of sarvangasana and halasana can be warded off by practicing matsyasana.

7. It helps to stop bleeding hemorrhoids.

8. Practicing this yoga pose with drink water early morning helps to relieve from constipation.

9. If a person suffers neck pain lumbago and spondylosis practice this pose daily using pillows, their pains and agony get suppressed and disappear. This Yoga pose is equal to traction therapy.

10. I recommended this pose for professional bloggers, IT field people, official workers, persons those who travel a long distance in motor cycle or bus. These peoples may suffer from forward neck pain. This pain can be cured temporarily by taking tablets and ailments. But practicing matsyasana relieves the pain forever.

11. Because of deep breathing lungs gets strengthened.

12. Insomnia being eradicates. That results in good normal or deep sleep.

13. It helps to shed away diseases such as seizure, leprosy and skin diseases.

14. It helps to reduce thigh and belly fat.

Do this yoga pose regularly and got all the health benefits listed above. This post is helpful do not forget to share. Is this Pose helps to cure your neck pain? What benefit attract you to do this pose?

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