What do you know about Salt in your Daily Life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Sodium chloride from sea water can be used as a salt. A person needs only 10 grams of sodium per day. Apart from salt we get sodium from our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Sodium is related to blood pressure. So keep track of its size. Your body absorbs nutrients from food; wastes are thrown out by tissues. The functioning of the tissues needs both potassium and sodium to maintain properly.

salt in daily life

Iodized salt is good or bad

Nowadays all kinds of salt are iodized and available for sale. But it is not good for all areas people. Iodine is a type of minerals. Increase of iodine leads to impact of lump in front of the neck. For coastal areas people iodine is mixed with air. So they do not need to take it away. Those who are living in non coastal areas need iodized salt.

Stone salt or Table salt which is best

Some people common question is which type of salt is good for health. Many researches prove that stone salt is best for healthy cooking. Because table salt is highly processed compared to stone. Compared to table, stone salt is best for cooking. If you want table salt for cooking then grind the stone salt in mixer and use it.

Foods to Avoid

List of foods must avoid are Pickles, Chips, Instant Noodles and processed foods. The amounts of salt added in the above foods are more than we want. The taste of these foods are very nice as well as the side effect also makes you unhealthy. It is better to avoid all the above mentioned foods to stay healthy.

Information about Foods and their Sodium Content

Cereals / Whole Grains – 4 to 18 mg.

Pulses – 20 to 95 mg.

Salt added Peanut – 16 to 41 mg.

Milk and milk products – 50 mg.

(Butter and processed chesses have little higher amount of salt. So reduce the intake amounts of these products)

Vegetables – 4 to 71 mg

Fruits – 1 to 3 mg

Fruits and vegetables have very little amount of sodium. But potassium is rich in vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Coconut water is also rich in potassium. The water content of the body decreases, when the persons affected by diarrhea or vomit. They are very tired. So they drink coconut water suddenly they restore back to normal. The same coconut water gives to kidney affected persons they go to serious condition.

Both of them have one reason. That is Salt.

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