How to reduce blood pressure without medication

In these days blood pressure is very common for both men and women. Every year the diseases like blood pressure and diabetes are increasing in manner.

When a person is affected by blood pressure, doctor recommends taking medicine everyday for a long period of time. The continuous intake of medicine accumulates chemical content in the body. The chemical reaction in your body is the root of many diseases in your life. There is lots of natural ways available to reduce blood pressure and keep you healthy without blood pressure.

reduce blood pressure

Simple Ways to reduce blood pressure

Use Sesame oil

The sesame oil contains enrich amount of Omega-6. It controls the blood vessel tissues that help to prevent from blood pressure. So use sesame oil is best for cooking. It also has potential to control high blood pressure. Many research shows that sesame oil has a tendency to control high and low blood pressure.

Sesame oil has a character to prevent against stress, weakness, sleepiness, joint pain in your life.

Add Cardamom

Most of the women use cardamom to increase the smell of the dish. They know cardamom is only for that purpose.

But cardamom is inbuilt with lot of health benefits. Use 1.5 gram of cardamom in your dish twice a day. Follow this regularly for 12 weeks. It completely controls your high blood pressure and maintains it as normal.

In 2009 India Bio Chemistry and Bio Physics proves cardamom works like a blood pressure medicine. So they conclude cardamom is the best remedy to reduce blood pressure.

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Sit Straight

The nerves in our neck send calmness message to brain. When sit straight the bones in the neck stimulates the nerves to send calmness message to brain. If you sit straight high blood pressure is reduced from 15 to 20 percent. So this position is helpful to reduce blood pressure.

Avoid Process food

Modern culture life and lack of time to cook are the reasons to avoid process food. Some people intentionally take process food think that it reduces the cooking time. It saves the cooking time but at the same time process food is very dangerous to health.

Nowadays noodle is very common processed food, because it is very quick and easy to cook. To give attraction, appearance and taste process foods are mixed with certain chemical and sugar. When you consume this products increase your blood pressure. If the food is cooked in home, we should have the health awareness about the ingredient used and mixed for cooking foods. So the food cooked in the home is important for control of blood pressure.

Tender Coconut water

Nearly 100 grams tender coconut water has 250 mg of Potassium. Potassium has the capacity to control the blood pressure. Potassium calms the nervous system and also cures the blood vessels affected by high blood pressure. If you drink tender coconut water daily, you can get enough Potassium. For aged people function of kidney is not in full capability to extract potassium. So they try to keep away from potassium content foods. But they can take the potassium nutrient as per doctor recommendation.

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This method is really helpful to reduce blood pressure then spread the word to world.

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