How much water should I drink a day for Healthy life

There is a lot of confusion about how much water should I drink a day for many people. Someone says that we should drink at least two liters of water every day. Some others say that five liters is the required quantity. Some others recommended only three liters a day. Even many doctors prescribe that we should drink some specific quantity of water every day. In the above list which one is correct? This post really helps to conclude the confusion about how much water should I drink a day.

Answer for How much water should I drink a day

If anybody by mistake fixes the fixed quantity of water to drink, definitely face kidney related problems. If you drink two liters of how much water should i drink a daywater in cold countries such as Iceland, Canada, etc. your kidney will be damaged within a week. But two liters of water daily is not enough for the people living in hot region.

For example a person is doing construction work under the hot sun certainly need more than five liters of water. Anybody working in the air conditioned office needs one or two liters of water only. If the same construction worker stays in an air conditioned room, required quantity of water is changed.

The quantity of water to drink is depending upon age, weight, country weather, the place where he lives and works, etc. So, no need to fix the quantity of water drink in a day and anybody regularly drinks fixed quantity of water every day under any circumstance kidney works unreasonably and face kidney related diseases.

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Recommended amount of Drinking Water a day

how much water should i drink a day

Now a question arise how much water should I drink a day. Who knows the answer? Your body knows the answer. The correct answer is whenever feel thirsty you should drink enough water as you like. Then continue your work without thinking about water. Then again feel thirsty you should drink water as much quantity you need.

People live in the cold region feel thirst in few times in a day, but hot region people thirsty frequently. When hot region people go to cold region or cold region people come to the hot region their thirsty level change, they should drink enough water as per the level of thirsty. Do not drink more or less quantity of water. Drinking more or less quantity also create disease.

So there is no compulsion for fixing the quantity of water to drink. Whenever you feel thirsty drink water as much you require and as much you like is the right quantity of water you should drink in a day. Thirsty is the body signal to you for getting water.

Whenever people ask the question how much water should I drink a day some doctor recommend to drink more water every day. As per doctor advice if you drink more water than require amount of water kidney work excessively and get damaged.

If the kidney is doing some work, you would not get thirsty. If you drink water without the feeling of thirsty kidney stop doing its work and working for digest the water you drank. So whenever drink water without thirsty divert the kidney to its proper function. This is one of the reasons for formation of kidney stone.

In the same way kidney faces problem if you avoid drinking water when you feel thirsty. At any time kidney needs water it creates thirsty in you. At that time if you drink water kidney digest the water in right way.

For example some people mingle with some important work. At that time they feel thirsty but few hours continue their work and decide to drink water after the end of the work. Even though kidney gives thirsty signal for getting water but they avoid because of their work and do not give water to the body. In this time kidney takes water from various parts of the body . The loss of water also causes disease in your body.

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Points to remember

Simple solution about how much water should I drink a day.

When you feel thirsty you should drink water. If you avoid will lead to kidney damaged.

The same way if you do not feel thirsty, please avoid drinking water. Drink water without thirsty also cause disease.

Excess and less amount of water also cause problem to kidney. So drink required amount of water whenever you feel thirsty

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