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7 Key Factors of Healthy Life Everyone Must Know

In this world everyone wants to live a healthy life. Healthy life is a big dream for every people. Because that much of diseases and sickness caused due to improper diet, unhealthy life style, lack of physical work, exercise and addiction for some unhealthy habit. Health is the first key for joyful life. Most of the people’s same question is how to live a healthy life. If you want to live healthy life, first maintain your body. Maintenance is a main theme of healthy life.

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8 Body Maintenance Tips for Healthy Life


Lack of sleep is common among most of the people. You must sleep 8 hours a day. You can split it to 7 and half hours at night and half an hour at day time. Deep sleep is good for healthy life.

Good Breath

Without pillow lie on the carpet and lose your hand and legs like Savasana. Watch your breath 4 minutes before and after sleep. It is an excellent practise for mind relaxes and breathes.


Everyday separate 20 minutes for you. Read a good book, listen a nice music is good for health.

Healthy Diet

Keep a slight change in your daily menu for healthy life. Add grains like Ragi, Millet, Maize, Wheat and Jowar in your daily breakfast. For lunch as per your food and also add more amount of vegetables. For dinner eat plenty of fruits and boiled vegetables are highly beneficial. This kind of dinner is good for deep sleep.

 Physical Exercise

Exercise two times a day keeps your body strong and healthy. It is enough to exercise 1 hour. Exercise two times is not possible at least do exercise once a day. That exercise must be total body workout. Morning yoga and evening exercise is good for healthy life.

Avoid Too Much Work

Proper planning in your work helps to avoid too much of work stress. Split any kind of work to assistant and colleagues. Do not thing every type of work done through your knowledge. Do not involve unnecessary things in your office and home.

Regular Checkup

Yearly once full body checkup is good for healthy life. Everyone remembers their birth date. So I have recommended you to check up your body at the date of birth.

Regular 6 months checkup is important for above 40 aged persons. Nowadays Ovary problem, breast cancers are very common for most of the women. For men male reproductive gland problem, kidney disorders are increasing day by day. So checkup 6 months one is compulsory for above 40 aged persons.

The above maintenance tips are helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. This post really answer your question How to live a Healthy Life?  

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