Halasana (Plow Pose) – How to Do and Health Benefits

Halasana is one of advanced yoga pose, simple to practice and contains lots of benefits.

Hala means Plow and Asana means Pose. So it is also named as plow pose. Plow is a most popular agriculture instrument used to prepare the soil for sowing seeds.

Likewise Plow, halasana rejuvenate the inner parts of your body and make it healthy again.

Especially for men it corrects the sexual and semen related problems like premature ejaculation, spermatorrhoea, and night emission effectively.


Some Highlighting benefits of this yoga pose are,

If you practice halasana regularly then you completely avoid lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity, constipation, stomach disorders, blood pressure and menstrual disorders.

When you become older the back bone loses its elasticity and turns stiff.

As long as the elasticity is there you will be healthy. When it becomes stiff you will be old. Practising halasana helps to keep the back bone flexible even at your old age.

How to Do Halasana

1. Lie on the carpet and join the legs together.

2. Raise the legs to an angle of 90 Degree.

3. Thrust the palms; raise the waist and legs, bending forwards curving the back and resting the legs on the floor above head.

4. Little by little try to place the big toe on the floor and keep the legs straight.

5. Balance the whole weight on the shoulder blade, shift both the hands over the head, join the fingers hold the head with it and relax the elbows on the floor.

6. Move a little forward putting the thumb toes outward.

7. Remain in that position for 100 counts.

8. Then release the fingers above the head, pressing the pals on the floor taking back the thumb toe gently bring the body and legs to the floor.

9. Practice up to 2 rounds is enough. After finishing Halasana do Savasana.

Health Benefits of Halasana

1. It clears constipation and stomach disorders.

2. Halasana helps to reduce both belly and body fat.

3. The inner organs like thyroid, kidney, spleen and pancreas are nourished well.

4. It normalizes high blood pressure.

5. Menstrual disorders in women are cured.

6. It improves memory power. Therefore a student practicing this yoga pose regularly helps to score high marks in examination.

7. With a broad shoulder and a trim waist it gives sleek look.

8. As more blood flows to face, the face dazzles and kept young.

9. Muscle fibers and cervical vertebrae, Thoracic vertebrae and Lumbar vertebrae on the back are strengthened.

10. It helps to keep your back bone flexible and strong.

Useful Tips

1. It is very hard to lift their waist can practice placing pillows under the waist.

2. Those who could not touch the floor with big toes can practice it placing the big toes on chair for some days.

3. Only after placing the big toes on the floor hands should be taken after placing next to the head otherwise there is a chance of falling on side wards.

4. At the beginning while practicing halasana it is possible to feel pain in lower part of the back. Do not worry practice regularly the pain will disappear very quickly.

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Those having lumbago, neck pain, spondylosis and high blood pressure should not practice this yoga pose.

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