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How to Intake Drinking Water a day in a Healthy Way

Everyone knows drinking water is highly beneficial for health life. But how many of you know the incorrect way of drinking water creates problem. For example drinking water is good for digestion. Yes I agree. But if you drink the same water in a wrong way, that is the big enemy for digestion. So pay attention about how to drink water a day in a right way that makes you healthy.

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Tips to use Drinking Water in a healthy way

Some people drink one glass of water and then start eating their food. If you follow the same one then the food you eaten will not digested properly. Because hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach is necessary for digests the food. The drink water just before eating the food dilutes the acid. Once this acid is diluted, whatever good food that you may eat and however well you may eat will not be digested properly.

Every time when you sit for eating food checks whether you drank water during the last half an hour. So the food you eat will be digested in an excellent way if you avoid drinking water for half an hour before you start taking food. Do not drink water in between eating the food. The digestion will be spoiled if you do so.

Somebody drink one or two glasses of water immediately after finished eating. This also spoils your digestion. Do not drink water after finished eating, you have to wait for half an hour and then drink water is the best way.

I understand your question – What can you do when the food is hot and spicy?

When the food is hot and spicy, your tongue tells you “The food is hot & spicy” that’s all. Did it ask you to drink water? No. If the food is hot and spicy then reduce the intake of hot and spicy taste. Do not drink water that leads to indigestion.

Method of Consuming Drinking Water

There is a proverb “We should eat the water and we should drink the food”.  The meaning is we should keep the food in our mouth chew it well, make it paste. Similarly we should slowly sip the water and eat it as though it is a solid.

Do you knowHow much salt intake is required for healthy life?

Tonsil is one of the important parts in your body. It helps to remove the germs from the water and also change the water to your body temperature.

Those who drink water very speed at a time, it directly goes through the throat are likely to get disease in their tonsils. The reason is when water goes very fast through the tonsils; are forced to do its job very fast. So there is a possibility of tonsils getting disease.

The more slowly you drink water your body is healthy and more power. Then you will not getting problem related to breathing such as wheezing, chest cold, sinus etc. If you get any such disease follow above method. It will cure immediately.

Finally you should drink water by slowly sipping it and enjoy its taste.

Relationship between drinking water and passing urine 

Whenever you pass urine, it means that your body need water at that time. So you drink at least small quantity of water after passing urine is good for healthy life.

This post is helpful to you then spread the word to world. What do you feel about this article.  Do you really like to change your intake of drinking water before and after food?

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