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Weight Loss Yoga Poses to Lose Weight Really Fast

Do you want to know about weight loss yoga poses to lose weight really fast. This post really helps you to lose weight naturally without any side effects.

Nowadays obesity is one of the common problems for all ages. The main reasons are improper diet, lack of exercise, spend more times for television, internet and entertainment related things. Yoga is a better choice to lose weight fast and keep you fit and healthy. It also strengthens your inner organs. I want to show you 5 weight loss yoga poses to lose weight really fast.

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5 Easy Weight Loss Yoga Poses

Weight loss Yoga Poses

The coordination of these five weight loss yoga poses are specially designed for beginners. Do as per the order listed below.

1. Wind Relieving Yoga Pose – PavanaMuktasana)

This Yoga Pose burn the abdomen fat and make it as good shape. It also helps to reduce the body weight. This Yoga Pose contains two stages. One stage is for upper body and other for total body workout.

Stage 1 – Upper Body Workout

Pavana Muktasana - Weight Loss Yoga Pose

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  1. Lie on the carpet close your eyes, mouth and keep the legs together.
  2. Raise the right leg fold and bring the knee towards the stomach.
  3. Twine the fingers of the hands together to hold the knee and press it on the stomach.
  4. Without bending the left leg raise the head and touch the jaw with knee shown in figure.
  5. Remain in this pose for 15 counts, then lower the head to floor, release the fingers from holding the knee and stretch the legs on the floor.
  6. For alternate leg follow all the same five steps practised above for the left leg.
  7. Practise 3 rounds and go for Savasana Yoga Pose.

Stage – 2 Total Body Workout

Pavana Muktasana Weight Loss Yoga Pose

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  1. Join both the legs, raise and fold and rest it on the stomach.
  2. Hold the knees with your fingers raise your head and touch in between knees with the jaw.
  3. Remain in normal breath up to 15 counts. Then keep the head on the floor and release the fingers and stretch both the legs on the floor and rest.
  4. Practise three rounds and go for Savasana Yoga Pose.

2. Half Waist Rotation Pose – Ardhakati Chakrasana

This pose reduces unwanted fat from hips.

Ardhakati Chakrasana Weight Loss Yoga

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  1. Stand on the carpet keeping the legs close to one another.
  2. Raise the right hand side wards, palm outwards without bending the elbow and keep the right hand touching the right ear.
  3. Incline the left side as shown in the picture and maintain the pose breathing normally up to 15 counts. See straight.
  4. Now raise the left hand and follow the same procedure as practised before.
  5. It is enough to practise 3 rounds.


  1. While practising, incline only to side wards not backwards or forwards.
  2. Do not stop breathing and bend the elbows.

3. Triangle Pose – Trikonasana

It helps to lose weight and belly fat falls down. It is one of the highly beneficial Yoga Pose.

Trikonasana weight loss yoga

  1. Stand straight on the carpet keeping the legs apart from one and half feet.
  2. Raise both the hands side wards, lateral to shoulders on the sides. The hands should be parallel to the floor. Both the palms kept upward.
  3. Hold the right knee with right hand and lift the left hand to an angle to 90 degree touching the left ears.
  4. Without bending the knees, turn the head and look at the lifted left hand’s palm.
  5. Remain up to 30 counts breathing normally.
  6. Coming back to original position stand straight and keeping the hands to the sides of the body.
  7. For alternate side follow the same procedure to other side up to 30 counts. It is enough to practise 2 rounds.

4. Mountain Yoga Pose – Parvattasana

Parvattasana weight loss yoga

  1. Sit in Padmasana Yoga Pose. Raise the hands upwards and join the palm above the head and do “NAMASKAR”.
  2. Without bending the elbows, sitting erect and close the eyes. Stay up to 20 counts breathing normally.
  3. Bring down the hands through side wards and take rest. Practise 4 rounds.

5. Legs Up the Wall Pose – Viparithakarani

legs up the wall weight loss yoga


  1. On a carpet place 3 or 4 pillows one above other. Without sitting in the centre of the pillow sit on the front.
  2. Slowly bend backwards place the hands on the floor then lower body. Only the head should be on the floor.
  3. Join the legs together and raise upward. At the same time adjust your head on the floor and place the shoulder on the floor.
  4. Keep the legs to an angle of 90 degree upward. The whole body weight should be on shoulder and neck, place the hands relaxed next to pillows.
  5. In normal breath remain up to 100 counts like that 10 rounds that means 1000 counts, that is 10 minutes it can be practised.
  6. Thrusting the toes, raise the heels and back. Then remove the pillows one by one in side wards.
  7. Now briskly lower down the back on the floor, stretch the legs and practise Savasana Yoga Pose.

For More information about this Yoga Pose visit Viparithakarani – Legs up the wall Pose.

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Best 5 ways for Quick Weight Loss

In our daily routine life physical activities are very low than mental. Most of the people do not like to Walk, Exercise, Yoga or Cycling. They simply said I have no time to do this. But it is not a healthy life style. These are the main reason for obesity. Obesity is one of the common problems for all ages. In this article I want to show you 5 ways for quick weight loss.


Importance of Weight Loss

> Weight Loss prevents their life from harmful diseases like diabetes, cancer, impotence etc.Weight Loss

> It is a key for obese persons to make them fit and healthy.

> It burns the unwanted fat and maintain ideal weight for your body. Weight loss is a source for disease free life.

5 Simple Ways for Weight Loss


Cycling is one of the best ways for quick weight loss. It reduces your lower body fat and make it as good shape. Cycling strengthen your muscles strong and make you fit and healthy. It prevents your body from cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It is very fun exercise and cost effective. At initial stage start your riding at normal speed and limited distance 1.5 km. It is better to ride cycling at evening.

Fast Walking

Early morning fast walk is very good for weight loss and breathing system. Fast Walking is good exercise for total body. It boost your immune system healthy. It prevents you from leg and joint pain. It is very compulsory for IT professionals and low physical activity persons. If you want to make your body strong and healthy add fast walking in your daily routine for 30 minutes daily morning.

Simple Tips for Quick Weight Loss

Push Up

A person who want to make the upper body strong and healthy like push up. Push up strengthens your fingers, triceps, biceps, forearms and abdominal muscles. Push up tone your core muscles strong. It forces the heart blood to pump faster. It is free of cost and very effective. For beginners 3 sets of 10 to 15 push up to get stronger.


Jumping is full body workout and very important quick weight loss. It helps to keep your heart healthy. Jumping tone your muscles and lower body strong. It makes your core strong and flexible. Practise this exercise before the age of 21 helps to grow taller. It strengthen your bones and core muscles. Start jumping with 5 sets of 20 counts.

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Yoga is one of the healthy way for quick weight loss. It strengthens your inner parts of the body strong. Yoga contains very special poses for core and weight loss. You can do yoga anywhere and any season. Yoga is suitable for all ages. Yoga helps to burn fat and makes you look young and healthy. It is very important for vision and nerves strength. It helps to cure diabetes and heart disease easily. Especially for women, yoga helps to cure back pain. Do Yoga early morning between 5 to 7 am is highly beneficial. If you want more details about yoga visit Lively Yoga.

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If a person seeking for quick weight loss follows these tips for healthy benefit. If this post is helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. If you want any kind of Health Tips from CHT use comment box to discuss.