Savasana Yoga Pose – Yoga Pose of the Day

Savasana Yoga Pose is also called as relaxation pose. It is connected with other yoga poses. Many doctors recommended for high blood pressure patients to do this yoga pose regularly. Their blood pressure comes to normal within one week. It also helps to keep your whole body relax.


Savasana Yoga Pose – Relaxation Yoga Pose

Steps to Follow

1. Sit on the carpet and stretch your legs. Slowly bring your back to the floor.

2. Face should be kept looking upwards or right side.

3. Breath deeply inhaling and exhaling 5 times. While inhaling your stomach should be swell like a balloon and stomach comes to normal or flat while exhaling.

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Points to Remember

1. Palms should be kept relaxed and facing upwards.

2. Eyes and mouth should be kept closely.

3. Spinal cord should be kept close to carpet.

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Savasana Health Benefits

1. It helps to control high blood pressure.

2. It helps to cure lower back pain.

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