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Best Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women during Pregnancy

Healthy diet is important during the period of pregnancy. Because it is linked to the newly born baby. The first three months of pregnancy is not good for pregnant women. Because they suffered from health related problems like vomiting, headache, giddiness etc. So the beginning of fourth month is important for every pregnant woman and they must concentrate on their daily diet.

healthy diet during pregnancy

Healthy diet from fourth month during Pregnancy

From the fourth month onward the health related problems disappearing. So the pregnant women must concentrate on their intake of foods. During the period from 4th to 6th month lack of iron is common among most of the pregnant women.

But some wrong thoughts are very popular in most of the countries. If you take iron rich foods then the newly born baby colour become black. This thought is totally wrong. The colour of the baby is related to parent DNA. So take plenty of iron rich healthy foods that increase red blood cells. Red blood cells play an important role for baby growth.

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Iron rich healthy diet recipe for Pregnant Women


Green gram – 3 cup

Dry chilly – 2

Coconut – 1/2 cup

Mustard seed – 1 tea spoon

Salt – 1 and 1/2 tea spoon

Jaggery – 150 grams

Oil (Olive or Sesame oil) – 1 and 1/2 tea spoon

How to prepare

1. Fry the green gram without oil and add required amount of salt.

2. Boil the green gram and filter the water.

3. Grain the jaggery and add it to green gram.

4. Add oil, mustard seeds and chilly in the steel vessel.

5. Put green gram into the steel vessel and mix together. Add coconut for taste.

The above healthy diet recipe contains enrich amount of calcium, iron, vitamins and dietary fiber.

Eat this recipe weekly thrice a day in evening is good for health. This recipe is also recommended for growing children, teen age boys and girls.

Health Tips of the day

Some doctors and health experts recommended drinking a glass of water before taking food. They said it helps to lose weight. But it is completely wrong. It affects the proper digestion. For more details – How to intake drinking water a day in a healthy way

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This post is really helpful to you share this useful information to everyone. Is this recipe is best healthy diet for pregnant women? How do you feel about the taste and health benefits of this recipe?

Natural Childbirth Tips for Pregnant Women

The word pregnant is good news for newly married couples and their relatives. They handle the pregnant women very carefully during that period. This short period is very enjoyable for the couples about their upcoming child. The total happiness is end during the day of childbirth. The pregnant women highly suffer about the day of childbirth.

In this modern world natural childbirth are very low compared to old days. Most of the peoples big problem is natural childbirth is possible for every pregnant women. In this article i answered this question yes it is possible. Important keys factors for natural childbirth are sitting position, Walking, physical and breathing exercise. Follow this natural childbirth tips you definitely give childbirth without any problem.

Natural Childbirth tips for Pregnant Women

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Natural Childbirth Tips Preparing for Delivery

Sitting Position

natural childbirth tips

The first natural childbirth tips are sitting position. Sitting position is very important at the period of pregnancy. Keep your back straight during sitting gives strength for core and back muscles. The time duration for straight sitting is depend upon you. It is highly beneficial for you during childbirth.


The second most important natural childbirth tips is early morning walking. From the day of pregnant you must walk daily up to 30 to 40 minutes early morning. Before walking you must eat half piece of apple or drink half glass of milk is good for health during pregnancy. After walking if you feel thirsty then drink tender coconut water.

Breathing Exercise

Breathing Exercise is good for natural childbirth at the period of delivery. Sit straight on the floor. Close your ears with thumb finger and also close your eyes with thumb and middle finger. Inhale the air slowly and release it with mild breath.

Leg Knee Exercise

natural childbirth tips - leg knee exercise

  1. Stand straight on the floor and keep one feet distance between both legs.
  2. Twine the fingers one between the other and place it front of you.
  3. Bend the both knees shown in figure.
  4. In normal breath remain up to 10 counts.
  5. It is enough to practise 3 rounds.
Health Benefits
  1. It gives enough strength for leg knees during delivery.
  2. It gives deep sleep at the period of pregnancy.
  3. It makes your heart strong and healthy.
  4. This exercise reduces the pain during childbirth.

Butterfly Exercise

natural childbirth tips - Butterfly exercise

  1. Put your both hands on knees and hold both legs shown in figure.
  2. Place the heel one face to another.
  3. In normal breath remain up to 10 counts.
  4. It is enough to repeat the same up to 3 rounds.
Health Benefits
  1. This exercise strengthens the inner organs and makes you energetic.
  2. It gives natural childbirth during delivery.
  3. It secrets more entorhinal from brain and it act as pain killer during delivery time.

One Side Leg Raising Exercise

One Side Leg Raising Exercise - natural childbirth tips

  1. Lie on the carpet and turn left shown in figure.
  2. Place the right hand below your head
  3. Keep the left hand close to your breast and press the left hand on the floor.
  4. Bend your right leg to L shape. Take a deep breath and slowly raise the left leg.
  5. In normal breath remain up to 10 counts. Repeat the same up to 5 rounds.
  6. It is enough to do for one side. Not necessary for alternate leg (left leg).
Health Benefits
  1. This exercise strengthens both hip and core.
  2. Lose the stiffness of hip and thigh muscles.
  3. It cures the heel disorder during pregnancy.

Hip Exercise

Hip Exercise - Natural Childbirth Tips

  1. Sit straight on the carpet and expand your legs for V shape.
  2. Twine the fingers one between the other and press the palms on the floor.
  3. Take a deep breath and raise the palms above the head shown.
  4. Then slowly bend your hip rightwards.
  5. For alternate do the same practise for left side.
  6. In normal breath remain up to 10 counts. It is enough to practise 5 rounds for both left and right side.
Health Benefits
  1. This exercise helps to remove digestive problems during pregnancy.
  2. Muscles around the hips are flexible.
  3. It helps to reduce both back and hip pain.
  4. Practicing this exercise gives amazing benefit at the time of delivery.

Guidelines for Practising this Exercise

  1. It is good to practise this exercise 5-7 in the early morning.
  2. After finishing walking do this exercise regularly.
  3. Practise this exercise on a carpet or a mat.
  4. Play a instrumental music during practise makes you better.
  5. It is better to practise in open air .

When to Start

  1. Practise this exercise weekly 5 days. Practising this exercise after 4 months from the date of pregnancy.
  2. If you notice any problem during practise, suddenly stop that exercise and consult your physician.

Follow these tips and give a natural childbirth. These are common exercises and suitable for every pregnant women. These tips are helpful to you don’t forget to share. If you have any doubt ask through comment.