Yoga Pose of the Day – Padmasana or Lotus Pose

Padmasana or Lotus pose is one of the beginners yoga pose. Practicing this yoga pose everyday keeps you fit and healthy.

Padmasana means lotus. While practicing this pose You keep your spinal cord as erect as a lotus stem. So it is called as padmasana.


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Steps to follow

1. Sit on the carpet stretching the both legs.

2. Then fold the right leg and rest the heel on the left thigh.

3. In the same way fold the left leg and rest the heel on the right thigh close to abdomen.

4. Sit straight (erect) without bending the spine. Palms turned up in “Chin Mudra” with your index finger touching the thumb and place the wrist without bending the elbows straight on knees.

5. Close your eyes and count from 50 to 0. ( i.e. Descending Order)

6. Open your eyes and stretch your legs and sit.

Benefits of Padmasana

1. Waist region gets strengthened and helps to cure back pain.

2. Impotency can be cured.

3. Fats in thigh and heel muscles are decreased.

4. It helps to cure nervous weakness.

5. It is the basic exercise for practicing breathing exercises.

6. This pose is very useful for official work persons like poets, writers, draftsman etc. If they practice this pose morning and evening helps to improve their concentration.

Points to Remember

1. Other yoga poses must be practiced after doing padmasana or lotus pose.

2. Men have to fold their right leg first. Women have to fold their left leg first.

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Do You Know

1. Morning and evening 5-7 is the best time for practicing yoga poses.

2. Do not mingle both yoga poses and exercise at the same.

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