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How to make your hair grow faster naturally

How to make my hair grow faster is the key question whenever people face hair falling. Everybody likes thick black hair to feel them young. Hair loss symptom is different for men and women. Whenever ladies face hair falls, the problem comes up to less thickness of hair, but men problem is as severe as baldness.

People too much anxious about hair falling, but they are not concerned about the way to find out the solution. This post is really helpful to know the reason for hair loss and tips to increase the hair growth.

how to make your hair grow faster

How to make your hair grow faster – 11 reasons for hair loss

How to make your hair grow faster? The only answer is to find out the reason for your hair falling that helps to make your hair grow faster. Here we list out 11 important reasons for hair loss.

1. Chemical contents in the hair oil, shampoo and hair coloring dye create itching and then face hair loss.

2. Wearing the tight caps make excess sweating also lead to hair falling.

3. Women face hair falling at the stopping time of menses. Some women face hair loss after the delivery period.

4. Somebody face hair loss in their young age, due to hereditary problem.

5. Medicines used for long term diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, pimples and cardiology problems also one of the main reasons for hair loss.

6. In this modern culture stress causes hair fall for most of the men and women. Because it stops the blood flowing to the head scalp.

7. Exercise to lose weight is good for healthy life. But over strain your body to lose weight affects your health and leads to hair loss.

8. Nowadays air and water pollution affects your hair directly and causes hair loss.

9. Over usage of unnatural or chemical shampoo causes hair loss.

10. Usage of hair dye for whitening hair directly affects your head scalp is one of the basic reason for hair loss. And also hair gel and spray to make your hair stylish affects your hair growth directly.

11. Sleeping is the most efficient time to regenerate your health to next day. Improper sleep due to work, stress, etc is the reason for hair loss.

See how much reason for hair loss for both men and women. Find out which one is the reason for your hair fall and avoid that thing helps to prevent and avoid hair loss.

Top 10 Natural foods to make your hair grow faster

Natural food is the foundation for healthy life. It directs to your hair growth. So I want to list out 10 foods prevent and stop hair loss. Add these foods in your daily diet leads to healthy hair.

Carrot: Carrot contains enrich amount of vitamin A is important for hair growth.

Peas: Iron, Vitamin B and Zinc in the peas help for hair growth.

Beans: Enrich amount of Vitamin E in the beans helps to stop hair fall.

Potato and Cucumber: Both these foods contain more amounts of silica helps to stop the loss of vitamins and minerals in your body. So that leads to stop hair fall.

Oats: Enrich amount of zinc and iron in oats regenerate your hair loss.

Raisins: Iron content in the raisins increases your hair growth.

Fruits: Orange and lemon are most important fruits contains enrich amount of vitamin C resist your frequent hair fall.

Whole grains: High amount of vitamin B7, proteins and calcium in the whole grain helps to prevent and avoid hair loss and premature hair graying.

Fish: Fish is one of the best sea foods for hair growth. More amount of protein content in the fish helps to grow hair faster.

Egg: It contains protein, vitamin B12, B7 and zinc helps to stop hair fall and increase hair growth.

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What to avoid to stop hair loss

1. Stop the usage of chemical products for maintaining your hair.

2. Avoid the regular usage of hair gel and hair spray.

3. Stop intake of alcohol and smoking.

4. If you are suffering from dandruff do not take anti dandruff shampoo. Use Natural home remedy to stop and prevent dandruff.

5. Avoid regular intake of baked foods, noodles, chocolates, ice creams and soft drinks.

Stop eating foods that are prepared by adding ajinomoto.

Follow these tips for faster hair growth

Sleep: 6 to 8 hours of sleep is must for every human being. So follow the proper duration of sleep reduce your stress and prevent from hair fall.

Oil bath: Take an oil bath weekly twice helps for hair growth.

Yoga: Yoga poses increase the blood circulation for your head and prevent from hair loss. Sirsasana, sarvangasana and vajrasana are the best yoga poses to prevent hair fall and hair growth.

Hair massage: Use coconut oil for hair massage. Keep your nails clean before massage. Apply coconut oil on your hair and massage your head with finger tips. This method increase blood circulation for your head and increase your hair growth.

Healthy eating: We already listed top foods for hair growth. Adding healthy foods in your diet directly induce your hair healthy. So proper intake of healthy food gives a best result to stop and prevent hair loss and increase hair growth.

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Are you identify the reason for your hair loss? This post is helpful to you then spread the word to world.

How much salt or daily sodium intake is required for healthy life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Salt takes the most important place in our everyday foods. It increases the taste of every dish. Most of the people do not know how much daily sodium intake is good for healthy life. So they add too much of salt in their daily diet. This lack of knowledge is the starting stage of most common disease in their life.This article shows you the required amount of daily sodium intake and its importance.

daily sodium intake

Daily Sodium Intake Differ for Areas

A person needs only 10 grams of salt intake per day. But we are even using higher.

Peoples those who are living in hot areas have lot of sweat and more amount of salt content exit from their body. So we recommended adding required amount of salt intake per day is necessary.

But in cold areas the sweat level is very low. The loss of salt content from their body is also low. So they do not add required amount of salt intake every day. If they add required amount leads to make them unhealthy.

Lower or Higher Daily Sodium Intake Creates problem

Increase of daily sodium intake increases the blood pressure. Over intake of salt creates problem related to heart diseases. Continue to eat more salty foods causes’ kidney failure.

At the same thing low intake of salt leads to low blood pressure and nervous system related problems.

Recommended Daily Sodium intake for healthy life

8 to 10 grams per day is enough for normal persons. Persons affected from heart disease and kidney failure allows only 2 to 5 grams salt intake per day.

Salt wastes are excreted through urine and sweat. 10 to 15 grams of salt per day discharge through urine. It is normal. More or less from the required amount is the symptom for the body to face health related problems. That’s why when accessing for certain diseases is to verify the salt or sodium content in our body.

Obesity and improper hormone level persons must reduce the amount of salt intake in their daily diet.

This daily sodium intake post is really helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. Did you identify how much daily sodium you take in your daily diet?

What do you know about Salt in your Daily Life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Sodium chloride from sea water can be used as a salt. A person needs only 10 grams of sodium per day. Apart from salt we get sodium from our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Sodium is related to blood pressure. So keep track of its size. Your body absorbs nutrients from food; wastes are thrown out by tissues. The functioning of the tissues needs both potassium and sodium to maintain properly.

salt in daily life

Iodized salt is good or bad

Nowadays all kinds of salt are iodized and available for sale. But it is not good for all areas people. Iodine is a type of minerals. Increase of iodine leads to impact of lump in front of the neck. For coastal areas people iodine is mixed with air. So they do not need to take it away. Those who are living in non coastal areas need iodized salt.

Stone salt or Table salt which is best

Some people common question is which type of salt is good for health. Many researches prove that stone salt is best for healthy cooking. Because table salt is highly processed compared to stone. Compared to table, stone salt is best for cooking. If you want table salt for cooking then grind the stone salt in mixer and use it.

Foods to Avoid

List of foods must avoid are Pickles, Chips, Instant Noodles and processed foods. The amounts of salt added in the above foods are more than we want. The taste of these foods are very nice as well as the side effect also makes you unhealthy. It is better to avoid all the above mentioned foods to stay healthy.

Information about Foods and their Sodium Content

Cereals / Whole Grains – 4 to 18 mg.

Pulses – 20 to 95 mg.

Salt added Peanut – 16 to 41 mg.

Milk and milk products – 50 mg.

(Butter and processed chesses have little higher amount of salt. So reduce the intake amounts of these products)

Vegetables – 4 to 71 mg

Fruits – 1 to 3 mg

Fruits and vegetables have very little amount of sodium. But potassium is rich in vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Coconut water is also rich in potassium. The water content of the body decreases, when the persons affected by diarrhea or vomit. They are very tired. So they drink coconut water suddenly they restore back to normal. The same coconut water gives to kidney affected persons they go to serious condition.

Both of them have one reason. That is Salt.

How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

Injuries are common for beginners at the starting stage of any kind of exercise. It happens due to some lack of knowledge about exercise. Avoid Injuries is smart and healthy way for everyone. Some kind of injuries cause due to lifting overweight or workout hard at the beginning stage. It affect your regular exercise routine for some times.

For Sports person it is very important to avoid injuries. Because they workout hard to prepare for tournament. Injuries affect their health and also future dream. So workout smart and make your body fit and healthy. I want to show the most important tips to avoid injuries during exercise.

Avoid Injuries during exercise

Simple Tips to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

Start Slow

If you workout heavy exercise at the starting stage it leads to injury and excessive soreness. We recommend to start slow and increase the timing and exercise day by day. It helps to achieve your goal for healthy life

Exercise Program

Selection of exercise according to your health condition is smarter way to avoid injuries. There are three components to a good fitness program. They are Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling etc. Anaerobic Exercise such as strengthening and toning exercises. Flexibility and posture exercise such as stretching. First of all know understand your health condition and body structure this leads to choose a right choice for you.

Warm Up

When you start exercise without doing warm up your muscles and total body is not ready for exercise. So it is highly recommended to warm up for 7 minutes before starting your workout.

Proper Breathing

When you are exercising, it is important to avoid improper and speedy breathing. Improper breathing and especially holding your breath while lifting weights can cause high blood pressure, fatigue etc. If you focus on taking deep breath during exercise is comfortable and proper way.

Select Right Shoes

If you are running your foot handles 3 times of your body weight. Running shoes are right choice for workout. Don’t use outdoor shoes for workout. It cause leg, knee pain and uncomfortable for regular workout. Running shoes with shock absorb and responsive cushion options are highly recommended.

Take Enough Rest

Rest is one of the key for healthy life. Put a gap between one exercise to other prevent you from injuries. Sleep 8 hours a day is highly beneficial to restore your muscles and body for next day workout.

Follow the above steps can help you to avoid injuries during exercise. This post really helpful to you do not forget to share and comment.

How to drink water early morning for good health

Water is the single most important nutrient for every human being. Drink Water early morning improves your health and makes you energetic. You can live five to seven weeks without food, but the average adult cannot live no more than five days without water. Most of the people do not know the importance of drinking water. So they start their morning with coffee or tea. It is not good for health.

drink water

Importance of drink water early morning

Water is involved in every function of our bodies. Our body contains 70 percent of water.

> Our Muscles contain 75 percent water.

> Our brain cells contain 85 percent water.

> Our blood contains approximately 82 percent water.

> Even our bones contain 25 percent water.

Just think a moment how importance is drinking water for our health.

How to drink water early morning

> Rise early from bed among 5 to 6 a.m.. Do not wash your face and mouth.

> Sit comfortably and drink four large glasses of water.

> If sick persons or soft nature persons with a delicate physiques are unable to take four large glasses of water.

> Start from one or two glasses of water and then increase gradually by four glasses of water.

Drink four glasses of water does not have any side affects and it urge you to pass urine. Many research says this method cure most of the diseases within one month.

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Health benefits of drink water early morning

> Water increases the efficiency of immune system.

> Water is one of the good medication for ulcer and digestive problems.

> Drink water helps you to cure asthma and piles within one month.

> Water is the main lubricant in the joint spaces and helps prevent arthritis and back pain.

> It helps to prevent from cancer and kidney disorders.

This post is helpful don’t forget to share. This method is the most important natural way to better heath for life. Are your health improved?

Natural Diet Foods to Avoid Cancer

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body. Cancer is also called as Malignancy. Symptoms of cancer depend on the type and location of the cancer. There are 1.7 million people’s are affected by this disease per year. Natural diet prevents you to avoid cancer and keep you healthy.

food to avoid cancer<Image Credit>

For example, cancer for stomach, bowel, lung, prostate and uterus are avoided by healthy natural diet. If your diet is low in fat and high in fiber fruits, and vegetable you can absolutely throw away that disease in your life.

Top 5 Natural Diet foods fight against Cancer


Mushroom is one of the most important natural diet food to prevent against cancer. Mushrooms contain compounds that can help the body to fight cancer. Shitake, Reishi, Maitake and even inexpensive button mushrooms all have the immune boosting properties that helps prevent cancer. Maitake mushrooms help reduce blood sugar levels and reduce cancer risk.

Green leaf vegetables

Broccoli, Cabbage and Cauliflower contain a chemical part that can fight against breast cancer by converting a cancer promoting estrogen into a more protective. Cauliflower control body weight regularly.



Tomato is rich in vitamin C antioxidant that can prevents cellular damage leading to cancer. It can help the body to fight and protect against dangerous diseases.The antioxidant lycopene, which gives it the red colour plays an important role in reducing risk of many types of cancers.


Garlic has a powerful phytonutrient called allicin that protects the body against cancer. Various research shows that allicin has power to kill tumor cells. Garlic also release a powerful antioxidant that helps protect against free radicals.


Natural diet fruits like orange, grapes and other citrus fruits contain monoterpenes that helps prevent cancer by dropping carcinogens out of the body. They also contain vitamin C, beta carotene and folic acid that makes you healthy.

Top 5 Cancer causing foods to Avoid

White bread

Any unnatural food that is white colour is unhealthy because white means processed food. White bread comes from bleached flour and even unbleached white flour is processed and contain high level of saturated fats, that cause breast cancer.

Sodas and soft drinks

These two soft drinks contain chemical additives sugar and caffeine. These causes double the risk of getting pancreatic cancer.


Everyone loves pickle because it increase the taste of dish. But pickled food increase risk of stomach cancer.

French fries and chips

The process of making French fries and potato chips create acrylamide which linked to cancer. These foods are baked, fried or grilled at temperature higher than 120°C.

Red Meat

Most of the people like red meat because it’s more attractive than white meat. Red meat is good for health but it’s safe to eat up to 300 gm per week. If you eat more than limit it increase the risk of breast, colon and prostate cancers.

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> Follow these Natural Diet Tips and prevent you from cancer . These don’t eat foods are not only for cancer but also it cause many diseases in your life.

-> This post is helpful to you don’t forget to share. Are you sure you want to change your food plan?