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Symptoms of High Blood Sugar (Hyperglycemia)

High Blood Sugar or Hyperglycemia is a condition in which the glucose or sugar in the blood is higher than usual. In this condition the level of sugar in the blood rises above 7 millimoles per liter (mmol/L).

The Symptoms of high blood sugar can have three stages. They are mild, moderate and extreme. Checkout the Symptoms of high blood sugar and find out you are affected by diabetes or not.

Common Symptoms of High Blood Sugar

Stage 1 – Mild High Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar level gradually increases above 10 mmol/L to 20 mmol/L, then you may feel mild symptoms of high blood sugar. The most common symptoms are increased thirsty and urinate. In other words you may urinate more than usual and thirsty. Symptoms are varying from one person to another. Checkout the main symptoms of mild high blood Sugar.

1. Weight losssymptoms of high blood sugar

2. Increased urination

3. Fatigue

4. Muscle weakness

5. Increased appetite

6. Increased thirst

7. Itching

8. Delayed healing of the wounds

Stage 2 – Moderate High Blood Sugar

If your blood sugar level gradually increases above 20 mmol/L (Adults) and 14 mmol/L (Children), your symptoms may change from moderate to severe high blood sugar. The symptoms are

1. Eye complications

2. Dry skin

3. Trophic ulcers

4. Diabetic neuropathy

5. Nephropathy

6. Always thirsty

Stage 3 – Extreme High Blood Sugar

If your body produces No Insulin then you may face the following symptoms,

1. Deep or Rapid breathingsymptoms of high blood sugar

2. Weak pulse

3. Loss of appetite

4. Vomiting

5. Heart disease

6. Stomach Pain

7. Fruity smell on your breadth

8. Confusion

If your blood sugar level increases continuously, then you become unconscious. In my next article I will show you easy steps to control diabetes with yoga poses, changing life style and food habits. Also checkout some foods that helps to reverse diabetes naturally.

Reference: Hyperglycemia or High Blood Sugar symptoms

Top 8 Foods that Cause Constipation

Best way to prevent from constipation is avoiding foods that cause it. Sad news is some foods that you like to eat everyday leads to constipation. It is not possible to avoid all the foods that cause constipation. Keep it as limit after constipation relief. In this post I want to show you the list of foods that cause constipation.

foods that cause constipation

List of Foods that Cause Constipation

The main cause of constipation is related to your diet and lifestyle. The first most important medication you need for constipation relief is adding fiber rich foods and exercise. Follow the above tips, avoid foods that cause constipation, eat foods for constipation relief and take home remedies is enough to cure constipation naturally.

1. Dairy Products

foods that cause constipation

Ice cream, cheese and other dairy products leads to constipation. The only reason is these foods contain high fat and low sodium content.

2. Caffeine

Excess cups of Caffeine every day increase the risk of chronic constipation. And also avoid the over intake of foods like chocolates, black tea etc leads to healthy life.

3. Refined Sugars

Avoid taking foods like chocolate, cakes, baked products etc helps to cure constipation easily. These foods are low in fiber, high in fat and sugar content. Taking these foods frequently may increase the risk of chronic constipation.

4. Broiler Chicken

foods that cause constipation

Usually chicken is good for health because it contains enrich amount of proteins. But at the same time broiler chickens are feeding with steroids, chemical products that make our health worse and harden the passage of stool. So take domestic chicken after constipation cure is good for health.

5. Red Meat

Add more amount of red meat every day slows the digestive process. Another reason to avoid red meat is it increases the risk of cancer. It also takes the place of fiber food options in your diet. So limit your intake of red meat every day.

6. Frozen Foods

Over intake of frozen foods is not good for healthy life and it causes constipation. Like Dairy products these foods are low in fiber, high in fat and sodium.

7. Chips

foods that cause constipation

Potato chips, banana chips etc are the foods that you must avoid everyday because it replaces the fiber rich whole grains as snacks in your diet.

8. Unripe Bananas

Bananas are best foods to cure constipation but at the same time unripe bananas leads to constipation.

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Do not take these foods while suffering from constipation. In this list which food you like to eat daily?

How to reduce blood pressure without medication

In these days blood pressure is very common for both men and women. Every year the diseases like blood pressure and diabetes are increasing in manner.

When a person is affected by blood pressure, doctor recommends taking medicine everyday for a long period of time. The continuous intake of medicine accumulates chemical content in the body. The chemical reaction in your body is the root of many diseases in your life. There is lots of natural ways available to reduce blood pressure and keep you healthy without blood pressure.

reduce blood pressure

Simple Ways to reduce blood pressure

Use Sesame oil

The sesame oil contains enrich amount of Omega-6. It controls the blood vessel tissues that help to prevent from blood pressure. So use sesame oil is best for cooking. It also has potential to control high blood pressure. Many research shows that sesame oil has a tendency to control high and low blood pressure.

Sesame oil has a character to prevent against stress, weakness, sleepiness, joint pain in your life.

Add Cardamom

Most of the women use cardamom to increase the smell of the dish. They know cardamom is only for that purpose.

But cardamom is inbuilt with lot of health benefits. Use 1.5 gram of cardamom in your dish twice a day. Follow this regularly for 12 weeks. It completely controls your high blood pressure and maintains it as normal.

In 2009 India Bio Chemistry and Bio Physics proves cardamom works like a blood pressure medicine. So they conclude cardamom is the best remedy to reduce blood pressure.

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Sit Straight

The nerves in our neck send calmness message to brain. When sit straight the bones in the neck stimulates the nerves to send calmness message to brain. If you sit straight high blood pressure is reduced from 15 to 20 percent. So this position is helpful to reduce blood pressure.

Avoid Process food

Modern culture life and lack of time to cook are the reasons to avoid process food. Some people intentionally take process food think that it reduces the cooking time. It saves the cooking time but at the same time process food is very dangerous to health.

Nowadays noodle is very common processed food, because it is very quick and easy to cook. To give attraction, appearance and taste process foods are mixed with certain chemical and sugar. When you consume this products increase your blood pressure. If the food is cooked in home, we should have the health awareness about the ingredient used and mixed for cooking foods. So the food cooked in the home is important for control of blood pressure.

Tender Coconut water

Nearly 100 grams tender coconut water has 250 mg of Potassium. Potassium has the capacity to control the blood pressure. Potassium calms the nervous system and also cures the blood vessels affected by high blood pressure. If you drink tender coconut water daily, you can get enough Potassium. For aged people function of kidney is not in full capability to extract potassium. So they try to keep away from potassium content foods. But they can take the potassium nutrient as per doctor recommendation.

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This method is really helpful to reduce blood pressure then spread the word to world.

How much water should I drink a day for Healthy life

There is a lot of confusion about how much water should I drink a day for many people. Someone says that we should drink at least two liters of water every day. Some others say that five liters is the required quantity. Some others recommended only three liters a day. Even many doctors prescribe that we should drink some specific quantity of water every day. In the above list which one is correct? This post really helps to conclude the confusion about how much water should I drink a day.

Answer for How much water should I drink a day

If anybody by mistake fixes the fixed quantity of water to drink, definitely face kidney related problems. If you drink two liters of how much water should i drink a daywater in cold countries such as Iceland, Canada, etc. your kidney will be damaged within a week. But two liters of water daily is not enough for the people living in hot region.

For example a person is doing construction work under the hot sun certainly need more than five liters of water. Anybody working in the air conditioned office needs one or two liters of water only. If the same construction worker stays in an air conditioned room, required quantity of water is changed.

The quantity of water to drink is depending upon age, weight, country weather, the place where he lives and works, etc. So, no need to fix the quantity of water drink in a day and anybody regularly drinks fixed quantity of water every day under any circumstance kidney works unreasonably and face kidney related diseases.

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Recommended amount of Drinking Water a day

how much water should i drink a day

Now a question arise how much water should I drink a day. Who knows the answer? Your body knows the answer. The correct answer is whenever feel thirsty you should drink enough water as you like. Then continue your work without thinking about water. Then again feel thirsty you should drink water as much quantity you need.

People live in the cold region feel thirst in few times in a day, but hot region people thirsty frequently. When hot region people go to cold region or cold region people come to the hot region their thirsty level change, they should drink enough water as per the level of thirsty. Do not drink more or less quantity of water. Drinking more or less quantity also create disease.

So there is no compulsion for fixing the quantity of water to drink. Whenever you feel thirsty drink water as much you require and as much you like is the right quantity of water you should drink in a day. Thirsty is the body signal to you for getting water.

Whenever people ask the question how much water should I drink a day some doctor recommend to drink more water every day. As per doctor advice if you drink more water than require amount of water kidney work excessively and get damaged.

If the kidney is doing some work, you would not get thirsty. If you drink water without the feeling of thirsty kidney stop doing its work and working for digest the water you drank. So whenever drink water without thirsty divert the kidney to its proper function. This is one of the reasons for formation of kidney stone.

In the same way kidney faces problem if you avoid drinking water when you feel thirsty. At any time kidney needs water it creates thirsty in you. At that time if you drink water kidney digest the water in right way.

For example some people mingle with some important work. At that time they feel thirsty but few hours continue their work and decide to drink water after the end of the work. Even though kidney gives thirsty signal for getting water but they avoid because of their work and do not give water to the body. In this time kidney takes water from various parts of the body . The loss of water also causes disease in your body.

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Points to remember

Simple solution about how much water should I drink a day.

When you feel thirsty you should drink water. If you avoid will lead to kidney damaged.

The same way if you do not feel thirsty, please avoid drinking water. Drink water without thirsty also cause disease.

Excess and less amount of water also cause problem to kidney. So drink required amount of water whenever you feel thirsty

Are you understand the concept of how much water should I drink a day? This post is helpful then share and comment.

How to Intake Drinking Water a day in a Healthy Way

Everyone knows drinking water is highly beneficial for health life. But how many of you know the incorrect way of drinking water creates problem. For example drinking water is good for digestion. Yes I agree. But if you drink the same water in a wrong way, that is the big enemy for digestion. So pay attention about how to drink water a day in a right way that makes you healthy.

Tips to use Drinking Water in a healthy way

Some people drink one glass of water and then start eating their food. If you follow the same one then the food you eaten will not drinking waterdigested properly. Because hydrochloric acid secreted in the stomach is necessary for digests the food. The drink water just before eating the food dilutes the acid. Once this acid is diluted, whatever good food that you may eat and however well you may eat will not be digested properly.

Every time when you sit for eating food checks whether you drank water during the last half an hour. So the food you eat will be digested in an excellent way if you avoid drinking water for half an hour before you start taking food. Do not drink water in between eating the food. The digestion will be spoiled if you do so.

Somebody drink one or two glasses of water immediately after finished eating. This also spoils your digestion. Do not drink water after finished eating, you have to wait for half an hour and then drink water is the best way.

I understand your question – What can you do when the food is hot and spicy?

When the food is hot and spicy, your tongue tells you “The food is hot & spicy” that’s all. Did it ask you to drink water? No. If the food is hot and spicy then reduce the intake of hot and spicy taste. Do not drink water that leads to indigestion.

Method of Consuming Drinking Water

There is a proverb “We should eat the water and we should drink the food”. The meaning is we should keep the food in our mouth chew it well, make it paste. Similarly we should slowly sip the water and eat it as though it is a solid.

Do you knowHow much salt intake is required for healthy life?

Tonsil is one of the important parts in your body. It helps to remove the germs from the water and also change the water to your body temperature.

Those who drink water very speed at a time, it directly goes through the throat are likely to get disease in their tonsils. The reason is when water goes very fast through the tonsils; are forced to do its job very fast. So there is a possibility of tonsils getting disease.

The more slowly you drink water your body is healthy and more power. Then you will not getting problem related to breathing such as wheezing, chest cold, sinus etc. If you get any such disease follow above method. It will cure immediately.

Finally you should drink water by slowly sipping it and enjoy its taste.

Relationship between drinking water and passing urine

Whenever you pass urine, it means that your body need water at that time. So you drink at least small quantity of water after passing urine is good for healthy life.

This post is helpful to you then spread the word to world. What do you feel about this article. Do you really like to change your intake of drinking water before and after food?

How much salt or daily sodium intake is required for healthy life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Salt takes the most important place in our everyday foods. It increases the taste of every dish. Most of the people do not know how much daily sodium intake is good for healthy life. So they add too much of salt in their daily diet. This lack of knowledge is the starting stage of most common disease in their life.This article shows you the required amount of daily sodium intake and its importance.

daily sodium intake

Daily Sodium Intake Differ for Areas

A person needs only 10 grams of salt intake per day. But we are even using higher.

Peoples those who are living in hot areas have lot of sweat and more amount of salt content exit from their body. So we recommended adding required amount of salt intake per day is necessary.

But in cold areas the sweat level is very low. The loss of salt content from their body is also low. So they do not add required amount of salt intake every day. If they add required amount leads to make them unhealthy.

Lower or Higher Daily Sodium Intake Creates problem

Increase of daily sodium intake increases the blood pressure. Over intake of salt creates problem related to heart diseases. Continue to eat more salty foods causes’ kidney failure.

At the same thing low intake of salt leads to low blood pressure and nervous system related problems.

Recommended Daily Sodium intake for healthy life

8 to 10 grams per day is enough for normal persons. Persons affected from heart disease and kidney failure allows only 2 to 5 grams salt intake per day.

Salt wastes are excreted through urine and sweat. 10 to 15 grams of salt per day discharge through urine. It is normal. More or less from the required amount is the symptom for the body to face health related problems. That’s why when accessing for certain diseases is to verify the salt or sodium content in our body.

Obesity and improper hormone level persons must reduce the amount of salt intake in their daily diet.

This daily sodium intake post is really helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. Did you identify how much daily sodium you take in your daily diet?

What do you know about Salt in your Daily Life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Sodium chloride from sea water can be used as a salt. A person needs only 10 grams of sodium per day. Apart from salt we get sodium from our daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Sodium is related to blood pressure. So keep track of its size. Your body absorbs nutrients from food; wastes are thrown out by tissues. The functioning of the tissues needs both potassium and sodium to maintain properly.

salt in daily life

Iodized salt is good or bad

Nowadays all kinds of salt are iodized and available for sale. But it is not good for all areas people. Iodine is a type of minerals. Increase of iodine leads to impact of lump in front of the neck. For coastal areas people iodine is mixed with air. So they do not need to take it away. Those who are living in non coastal areas need iodized salt.

Stone salt or Table salt which is best

Some people common question is which type of salt is good for health. Many researches prove that stone salt is best for healthy cooking. Because table salt is highly processed compared to stone. Compared to table, stone salt is best for cooking. If you want table salt for cooking then grind the stone salt in mixer and use it.

Foods to Avoid

List of foods must avoid are Pickles, Chips, Instant Noodles and processed foods. The amounts of salt added in the above foods are more than we want. The taste of these foods are very nice as well as the side effect also makes you unhealthy. It is better to avoid all the above mentioned foods to stay healthy.

Information about Foods and their Sodium Content

Cereals / Whole Grains – 4 to 18 mg.

Pulses – 20 to 95 mg.

Salt added Peanut – 16 to 41 mg.

Milk and milk products – 50 mg.

(Butter and processed chesses have little higher amount of salt. So reduce the intake amounts of these products)

Vegetables – 4 to 71 mg

Fruits – 1 to 3 mg

Fruits and vegetables have very little amount of sodium. But potassium is rich in vegetables and green leafy vegetables. Coconut water is also rich in potassium. The water content of the body decreases, when the persons affected by diarrhea or vomit. They are very tired. So they drink coconut water suddenly they restore back to normal. The same coconut water gives to kidney affected persons they go to serious condition.

Both of them have one reason. That is Salt.

Check your Health with HeartBeat

If you are suffered from any disease goes to the doctors, first of all they check your heartbeat and then take further decisions or medications according to pulse rate. The same way you also check your health condition with heartbeat through wrist pulse rate. Irregular heartbeat shows there is a problem in your body. This article explains the complete details about how to check your health with heartbeat.

Health Checkup with HeartBeat

Heart is one of the very important organ for total body functioning. So you feel heartbeat in our various parts of the body. But many of us know that the pulse can be felt only in the wrist. But the pulse of the neck and, even in the legs can feel. If the pulse beats more or less in the body, there is something problem in your body.

How to measure HeartBeat pulse rate

heartbeat check

Follow these instructions to check Wrist Pulse – To measure heartbeat Count the number of beats in 15 seconds. Multiply by 4 to get beats per minute.

Healthy young man’s heartbeat is 72 beats a minute. But the pulse varies depending on gender and their life style. For a player their heartbeat is 50 to 60 beats per minute. Most infants up to 100 to 160 beats. For small children up to 100 to 120 beats. For adult from 70 to 80 beats. But naturally while eating, exercise we feel little increase in pulse rate.

Excess body weight increases the blood pressure. Too much cholesterol in the body and enrollments, produce large amount of pressure to heart. This amount will not let them breathe properly. That is why fat people soon become heart disease.

For pregnant women their Pulse rate up to 150 beats a minute. I know in those days there is no test to check may be the woman is pregnant or not. They confirm the pregnancy with pulse rate. Because at that particular time the amount of blood in the body increases. Heart and blood throughout the body to work harder to pay off. It is very common. However, blood pressure during pregnancy will need to know.

If high blood pressure in the body for a normal man then the doctor’s first question Are you smoker? If it is then the doctors say to stop smoking. It is because of nicotine and tobacco, increased heartbeat. The normal blood pressure in the body, catching it, and so will increase the pulse rate.

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This post is really helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. Are you check your heartbeat?

7 Key Factors of Healthy Life Everyone Must Know

In this world everyone wants to live a healthy life. Healthy life is a big dream for every people. Because that much of diseases and sickness caused due to improper diet, unhealthy life style, lack of physical work, exercise and addiction for some unhealthy habit. Health is the first key for joyful life. Most of the people’s same question is how to live a healthy life. If you want to live healthy life, first maintain your body. Maintenance is a main theme of healthy life.

healthy life

8 Body Maintenance Tips for Healthy Life


Lack of sleep is common among most of the people. You must sleep 8 hours a day. You can split it to 7 and half hours at night and half an hour at day time. Deep sleep is good for healthy life.

Good Breath

Without pillow lie on the carpet and lose your hand and legs like Savasana. Watch your breath 4 minutes before and after sleep. It is an excellent practise for mind relaxes and breathes.


Everyday separate 20 minutes for you. Read a good book, listen a nice music is good for health.

Healthy Diet

Keep a slight change in your daily menu for healthy life. Add grains like Ragi, Millet, Maize, Wheat and Jowar in your daily breakfast. For lunch as per your food and also add more amount of vegetables. For dinner eat plenty of fruits and boiled vegetables are highly beneficial. This kind of dinner is good for deep sleep.

Physical Exercise

Exercise two times a day keeps your body strong and healthy. It is enough to exercise 1 hour. Exercise two times is not possible at least do exercise once a day. That exercise must be total body workout. Morning yoga and evening exercise is good for healthy life.

Avoid Too Much Work

Proper planning in your work helps to avoid too much of work stress. Split any kind of work to assistant and colleagues. Do not thing every type of work done through your knowledge. Do not involve unnecessary things in your office and home.

Regular Checkup

Yearly once full body checkup is good for healthy life. Everyone remembers their birth date. So I have recommended you to check up your body at the date of birth.

Regular 6 months checkup is important for above 40 aged persons. Nowadays Ovary problem, breast cancers are very common for most of the women. For men male reproductive gland problem, kidney disorders are increasing day by day. So checkup 6 months one is compulsory for above 40 aged persons.

The above maintenance tips are helpful to you do not forget to share and comment. This post really answer your question How to live a Healthy Life?

Good Bye to Soft Drinks and See the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the god gifts for our healthy life. It contain that much of health benefits for our daily life. Comparing to soft drinks like Pepsi, coke green tea is not popular among all countries. Because it is tasteless. The people in the countries like china, Japan live a strong and health life. The only reason is they drink green tea thrice a day. See the health benefits of green tea and say good bye to soft drinks.

There are many types of green tea are available. The most popular green tea’s are Chinese green tea and Japanese green tea. Buy organic green tea is good for health.

benefits of green tea

Do not boil the tea leaves too much. Because it change the taste of green tea. Boil up to 2 minutes is enough to serve. Many health experts highly recommend drinking green tea twice a day is good for health. In the beginning stage add little amount of milk and sugar for taste. Then After few months drink pure green tea is highly beneficial for healthy life.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

  1. Green Tea helps to reduce bad cholesterol and improve the good cholesterol level.
  2. It is perfect health drink to lose weight.
  3. Strengthen teeth and gums. It helps to prevent you from mouth odor smell.
  4. It destroys the cancer causing cells from the body.
  5. It makes your vision sharp and healthy.
  6. It strengthen your bones and prevent you from knee and leg pain
  7. Drink green tea twice a day regularly prevent you from cardiac and diabetes.
  8. Prevent you from premature or Anti-Aging look.
  9. It boosts your brain power and improve concentration.
  10. It helps to protect against diabetes and boost your immune system.

Ulcer and Acidity suffered persons avoid green tea

This post really helpful to you does not forget to share and comment. Are you understand the health benefits of green tea?