Cobra Pose Bhujangasana – Best Lower Back Pain Stretches

Lying front portion of our body on carpet and raise the upper body up to navel like a cobra lifting its head upwards. Hence it is called as Cobra Pose or Bhujangasana.

In our daily life we could do few things without the help of vertebrae. It plays a very important role while standing, walking, lifting objects and even while sleeping. This pose helps to keep your lumbar vertebrae healthy.

Bhujangasana Cobra Pose is the top most important core yoga pose for healthy life. It is the one of the best lower back pain stretches that I highly recommend to prevent and cure lower back pain.

Few months back one famous medical magazine point out cobra pose is the best remedy to cure lumbar pain, neck pain and disorders related to our back portion. In this post I want to show the step wise guidelines and benefits of bhujangasana.

cobra pose

How to do Cobra Pose

1. Lie on your front on the carpet and keep the legs together.

2. Place chin in the floor, keep the palms near the chest, press the palms and lift the head.

3. Press the palms; raise upper body up to navel. Lift the head and see upwards shown in pics. Stay in that position from 1 to 20 counts in normal breathing.

4. Now slowly lower down the upper body towards the carpet and place the chin on the carpet.

5. Follow the same steps and practise up to 3 counts is highly recommended.

Cobra Pose Benefits

1. It helps to cure Asthma and Weakness of lungs.

2. It restores your health of your heart to normal.

3. It multiplies your immune power.

4. It strengthens your back muscles and spinal cord.

5. It helps to cure lumbago and lower back pain problems.

6. It is best yoga pose to cure kidney related diseases.

7. It gives fast cure for disorders of ovaries in women.

8. Regular practice of this pose with dhanurasana, salabasana removes leucorrhoea, menstrual relates problems.

9. It clears the lower abdomen pain caused during the time of mensuration.

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Useful Tips

It is highly recommend to practise this yoga pose facing towards east.

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