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How to Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes Naturally

In this modern world dark circles under eyes are very common among most of the people. Women’s are very much affected by dark circles than men. One survey shows 70 percent of peoples have dark circles under their eyes. It is common for all ages. But some people especially women’s are very much suffer about dark circles under eyes.

Dark circles are not a disease, it is nothing but an alert for you that your eyes are very tired. So your eyes need some rest.If you are not give enough rest for your eyes and keep on doing your work regularly then there is a blackish dark circles are formed temporary. This is called as dark circles.

In this post I want to show you the main reasons for dark circles and natural home remedies to prevent and avoid dark circles under eyes.

dark circles under eyes

Reasons for Dark Circles under eyes

Finding the reason is the first step to avoid and prevent dark circles or bags under eyes.

1. Regular Usage of unnatural facial creams for your face.

2. Lack of nutrition such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, Iron and calcium in your every day foods.

3. Taking higher power medicines for any diseases.

4. Improper sleep, more stress related works and physical tiredness.

5. Mental pressure, sadness and dejection cause dark circles under eyes.

6. Your body affected by some other diseases.

7. Spending more time in television, play station, computer games etc.

8. Problems in hypo and hyper thyroids.

9. More amount of heat produced in the body.

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6 Tips to Prevent Dark Circles under eyes

1. Add green vegetables, soup and spinach in your daily menu.

2. Use sun glasses to protect your eyes from sun rays.

3. Take oil bath weekly twice to prevent your body from heat.

4. If you are spending more time in computer then take some rest and continue your work.

5. Sleep at least 7 hours a day. If your work related to computer then 8 hours deep sleep is must to regenerate your health.

6. Do yoga poses regularly to keep you calm and relax.

Home Remedies for Dark Circles under Eyes

“Prevention is better than cure”. It is a nice proverb. So follow the home remedies to prevent and remove bags under eyes naturally.

1. Soak Almond in the milk and make it as paste. Apply the paste around your eyes to remove bags under eyes.

2. Take equal quantity of honey, white egg and banana make paste by crush it and apply on your face. Take bath after one hour this will help you to clear the dark circles around your eyes and shrinkage of skin on your face.

3. Mix lime essence with tulsi juice and apply around your eyes helps to remove bags under eyes.

4. Remove the skin of potato, cut it into small pieces and grind it as a paste. Apply this paste around your eyes, keeps it half an hour and cleans it with cold water.

5. Mix curd with Bengal gram flour and apply under your eyes.

6. Mix Multan mitti paste with curd and spread around your eyes and clean after half an hour for good result.

7. Mix equal quantity of lime juice with honey and apply under eyes.

8. Cut Papaya fruit into small pieces, add little quantity of turmeric and make it as paste. Apply around your eyes to remove bags under eyes.

9. Take carrot or tomato juice and apply under your eyes daily. Follow this method regularly for better result.

10. Applying Almond oil around your eyes is also good remedy to remove dark circles under eyes.

11. Mix turmeric, sandal with curd and make it as a paste. Apply the paste under your eyes and wait for 15 minutes. Then clean your face with water. Follow this method weekly twice regularly.

12. Cut the cucumber into round small pieces. Close your eyes and place the cucumber around your eyes. If you feel the cool very much then take cucumber from your eyes.

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This post is really useful to you do not forget to share and comment. Which tips do you apply for your dark circles under eyes? Are your bags under eyes completely gone?

How to make your hair grow faster naturally

How to make my hair grow faster is the key question whenever people face hair falling. Everybody likes thick black hair to feel them young. Hair loss symptom is different for men and women. Whenever ladies face hair falls, the problem comes up to less thickness of hair, but men problem is as severe as baldness.

People too much anxious about hair falling, but they are not concerned about the way to find out the solution. This post is really helpful to know the reason for hair loss and tips to increase the hair growth.

how to make your hair grow faster

How to make your hair grow faster – 11 reasons for hair loss

How to make your hair grow faster? The only answer is to find out the reason for your hair falling that helps to make your hair grow faster. Here we list out 11 important reasons for hair loss.

1. Chemical contents in the hair oil, shampoo and hair coloring dye create itching and then face hair loss.

2. Wearing the tight caps make excess sweating also lead to hair falling.

3. Women face hair falling at the stopping time of menses. Some women face hair loss after the delivery period.

4. Somebody face hair loss in their young age, due to hereditary problem.

5. Medicines used for long term diseases such as diabetes, blood pressure, cancer, pimples and cardiology problems also one of the main reasons for hair loss.

6. In this modern culture stress causes hair fall for most of the men and women. Because it stops the blood flowing to the head scalp.

7. Exercise to lose weight is good for healthy life. But over strain your body to lose weight affects your health and leads to hair loss.

8. Nowadays air and water pollution affects your hair directly and causes hair loss.

9. Over usage of unnatural or chemical shampoo causes hair loss.

10. Usage of hair dye for whitening hair directly affects your head scalp is one of the basic reason for hair loss. And also hair gel and spray to make your hair stylish affects your hair growth directly.

11. Sleeping is the most efficient time to regenerate your health to next day. Improper sleep due to work, stress, etc is the reason for hair loss.

See how much reason for hair loss for both men and women. Find out which one is the reason for your hair fall and avoid that thing helps to prevent and avoid hair loss.

Top 10 Natural foods to make your hair grow faster

Natural food is the foundation for healthy life. It directs to your hair growth. So I want to list out 10 foods prevent and stop hair loss. Add these foods in your daily diet leads to healthy hair.

Carrot: Carrot contains enrich amount of vitamin A is important for hair growth.

Peas: Iron, Vitamin B and Zinc in the peas help for hair growth.

Beans: Enrich amount of Vitamin E in the beans helps to stop hair fall.

Potato and Cucumber: Both these foods contain more amounts of silica helps to stop the loss of vitamins and minerals in your body. So that leads to stop hair fall.

Oats: Enrich amount of zinc and iron in oats regenerate your hair loss.

Raisins: Iron content in the raisins increases your hair growth.

Fruits: Orange and lemon are most important fruits contains enrich amount of vitamin C resist your frequent hair fall.

Whole grains: High amount of vitamin B7, proteins and calcium in the whole grain helps to prevent and avoid hair loss and premature hair graying.

Fish: Fish is one of the best sea foods for hair growth. More amount of protein content in the fish helps to grow hair faster.

Egg: It contains protein, vitamin B12, B7 and zinc helps to stop hair fall and increase hair growth.

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What to avoid to stop hair loss

1. Stop the usage of chemical products for maintaining your hair.

2. Avoid the regular usage of hair gel and hair spray.

3. Stop intake of alcohol and smoking.

4. If you are suffering from dandruff do not take anti dandruff shampoo. Use Natural home remedy to stop and prevent dandruff.

5. Avoid regular intake of baked foods, noodles, chocolates, ice creams and soft drinks.

Stop eating foods that are prepared by adding ajinomoto.

Follow these tips for faster hair growth

Sleep: 6 to 8 hours of sleep is must for every human being. So follow the proper duration of sleep reduce your stress and prevent from hair fall.

Oil bath: Take an oil bath weekly twice helps for hair growth.

Yoga: Yoga poses increase the blood circulation for your head and prevent from hair loss. Sirsasana, sarvangasana and vajrasana are the best yoga poses to prevent hair fall and hair growth.

Hair massage: Use coconut oil for hair massage. Keep your nails clean before massage. Apply coconut oil on your hair and massage your head with finger tips. This method increase blood circulation for your head and increase your hair growth.

Healthy eating: We already listed top foods for hair growth. Adding healthy foods in your diet directly induce your hair healthy. So proper intake of healthy food gives a best result to stop and prevent hair loss and increase hair growth.

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Are you identify the reason for your hair loss? This post is helpful to you then spread the word to world.

7 Natural Cure Remedies for Dandruff

Today modern world dandruff is the biggest problem for both men and women. Dandruff is the irritate problem for suffering persons. It is one of the most important reasons for hair loss. So most of the people use anti dandruff shampoo for quick relief. But it makes the problem worse. Naturally the dead cells come out of the skin. It is also happen for scalp of the head. Chemical in shampoo cause more cell dropping leads to dandruff. Dandruff starts at teenage of both male and female. It is very harmful in summer hot and winter cold.

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how to cure Dandruff

What causes Dandruff

> Environmental pollution, Automobiles smoke and chemical in the water stay on the head increase dandruff.

> Dandruff easily spread through comb, dress and pillow used by other dandruff persons.

> Vitamin deficiency, lack of nutrition causes dandruff.

> Dryness of hair due to improper applies of oil results to dandruff.

> Not properly take oil bath weekly once.

> Shampoo, Hair Oil, Hair gel with high chemical properties affects the oil secretion parts, because of that problem head skin becomes dry and cause dandruff.

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7 Natural Tips to Cure Dandruff really fast

> Take the leaves and flowers of Hibiscus grind and make it as a paste and apply as a shampoo.

> Grind White Pepper with Milk and rubbed the paste on scalp leave it for half an hour and take a bath.

> Dry the skin of lemon in the sunlight and grind it as powder. Add little water with lemon powder and make it as paste. Rub on the scalp wait for 15 minutes and take bath for good result.

> To avoid dandruff add chess, butter, milk or meat in your daily food, which increase the functions of oil secreting glands in the head results quick relief.

> Take egg and half lemon and separate the white from egg and mix the two in a glass and apply in the scalp of the head and sit under the A/C or fan and wait for half an hour. Then your hair becomes very hard and rubbish. This shows the correct time to take bath. Follow this method weekly two times is good for both dandruff and hair loss.

> Grind small onion with curd and apply it for 30 minutes and take a bath for good result.

> Take an oil bath with shikakai weekly two times for quick benefit. Use Tripalthi or Gingelly oil and apply it on scalp, body and massage. Wait for 30 minutes and apply Shikakai power for bath.

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These are the Natural Tips highly recommended by ClickHealthTips to cure Dandruff easily.

Spread the word to world so that they also get benefit through these tips. This Post is really helpful to you don’t forget to share on Facebook Twitter and Google +. Are you follow these Natural Tips? These tips are helpful to cure dandruff easily?