List of Vitamin A Foods and their Health Benefits

Everyone knows the word vitamin. But how many of them know the importance of vitamin is a big question Iam asking. The only answer is very few. Nowadays Junk food, Fast food and Snacks are popular among all ages. These foods are not good for healthy life. The main theme is to add Vitamin A Foods in your daily menu to make you strong and healthy.

There are two kind of vitamin A deficiency for most of the peoples.

1. Beginner Stage Deficiency – It is caused due to lack of green vegetables and meats added in their daily menu.

2. Advanced Stage Deficiency – It is due to lack of vitamin A for a baby develops inside the womb.

A survey shows every year 3 to 5 lakhs children’s are lack of vitamin A and they are suffered from eye and skin related problems. Vitamins A foods cure night blindness easily and keep a healthy vision for long life.

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This article really shows the importance of vitamin A foods and their health benefits.

Vitamin A Foods

Vitamin A Foods Nutrient daily needed amount

> Children below 12 age – 400 mcg

> Teenage boys and girls – 600 mcg

> Pregnant Women – 950 mcg

> Men and Women – 600 mcg

Vitamin A Foods List

> Fruits such as guava, mango, grapes, papaya, tomatoes and watermelon are rich in Vitamin A.

> Vegetables such as carrot, cabbage, spinach and broccoli are good source of vitamin A foods.

> Nuts like pistachios, chestnuts are rich in vitamin A

> Ghee, milk, egg yolk and cheese are vitamin A rich foods.

> Livers of cow and goat are good source of vitamin A.

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Health Benefits of Vitamin A Foods

> Vitamin A is very important for vision and bone health.

> It helps to prevent you from night blindness.

> Vitamin A is good for healthy nerves and helps to reproduce cells in your body.

> It plays an important role for maintaining healthy skin and hair.

> It helps to prevent you from spreading diseases.

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This article really helpful to you don’t forget to spread the word to world. The above Vitamin A foods are selected foods for you to eat and live a vitamin A deficiency free life. Do you add these Vitamin A foods to your daily menu?

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