10 Amazing Health Benefits of Mango

Mango is one of the tasty and delicious fruit in the world. There are 600 varieties of mangoes in the world. In India there are only 60 varieties are available. Most of the people‚Äôs favorite fruit is mango. It attracts huge fans by its taste. The health benefits and nutritional value of mango is more… Read more

Best Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women during Pregnancy

Healthy diet is important during the period of pregnancy. Because it is linked to the newly born baby. The first three months of pregnancy is not good for pregnant women. Because they suffered from health related problems like vomiting, headache, giddiness etc. So the beginning of fourth month is important for every pregnant woman and… Read more

How to Intake Drinking Water a day in a Healthy Way

Everyone knows drinking water is highly beneficial for health life. But how many of you know the incorrect way of drinking water creates problem. For example drinking water is good for digestion. Yes I agree. But if you drink the same water in a wrong way, that is the big enemy for digestion. So pay… Read more

How much salt or daily sodium intake is required for healthy life

Sodium is one of the important nutrients we get from salt. Salt takes the most important place in our everyday foods. It increases the taste of every dish. Most of the people do not know how much daily sodium intake is good for healthy life. So they add too much of salt in their daily… Read more

Check your Health with HeartBeat

If you are suffered from any disease goes to the doctors, first of all they check your heartbeat and then take further decisions or medications according to pulse rate. The same way you also check your health condition with heartbeat through wrist pulse rate. Irregular heartbeat shows there is a problem in your body. This… Read more

Daily Foods and Vegetables Good for Eye Health

Healthy eye is very important for everyone.It shows your confident level to other person. Nowadays children, teenage students looks without eye glass or contact lens are very rare. Because lack of healthy foods, entertainment related to computer games, play station etc gives more pressure to eye. And also parents do not take care of foods… Read more

Health Benefits of Almonds and Nutritional Value

Almond is one of the very popular nuts in the world. It is also called as king of nuts. It contains high nutritional value that other nuts. Especially for weak persons almonds make them strong and healthy. For students it helps to boost their brain power. It contains high medicinal value. Almonds are rich in… Read more

7 Key Factors of Healthy Life Everyone Must Know

In this world everyone wants to live a healthy life. Healthy life is a big dream for every people. Because that much of diseases and sickness caused due to improper diet, unhealthy life style, lack of physical work, exercise and addiction for some unhealthy habit. Health is the first key for joyful life. Most of… Read more

Good Bye to Soft Drinks and See the Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea is one of the god gifts for our healthy life. It contain that much of health benefits for our daily life. Comparing to soft drinks like Pepsi, coke green tea is not popular among all countries. Because it is tasteless. The people in the countries like china, Japan live a strong and health… Read more