How to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

Injuries are common for beginners at the starting stage of any kind of exercise. It happens due to some lack of knowledge about exercise. Avoid Injuries is smart and healthy way for everyone. Some kind of injuries cause due to lifting overweight or workout hard at the beginning stage. It affect your regular exercise routine for some times.

For Sports person it is very important to avoid injuries. Because they workout hard to prepare for tournament. Injuries affect their health and also future dream. So workout smart and make your body fit and healthy. I want to show the most important tips to avoid injuries during exercise.

Avoid Injuries during exercise

Simple Tips to Avoid Injuries during Exercise

Start Slow

If you workout heavy exercise at the starting stage it leads to injury and excessive soreness. We recommend to start slow and increase the timing and exercise day by day. It helps to achieve your goal for healthy life

Exercise Program

Selection of exercise according to your health condition is smarter way to avoid injuries. There are three components to a good fitness program. They are Aerobic exercise such as brisk walking, swimming, cycling etc. Anaerobic Exercise such as strengthening and toning exercises. Flexibility and posture exercise such as stretching. First of all know understand your health condition and body structure this leads to choose a right choice for you.

Warm Up

When you start exercise without doing warm up your muscles and total body is not ready for exercise. So it is highly recommended to warm up for 7 minutes before starting your workout.

Proper Breathing

When you are exercising, it is important to avoid improper and speedy breathing. Improper breathing and especially holding your breath while lifting weights can cause high blood pressure, fatigue etc. If you focus on taking deep breath during exercise is comfortable and proper way.

Select Right Shoes

If you are running your foot handles 3 times of your body weight. Running shoes are right choice for workout. Don’t use outdoor shoes for workout. It cause leg, knee pain and uncomfortable for regular workout. Running shoes with shock absorb and responsive cushion options are highly recommended.

Take Enough Rest

Rest is one of the key for healthy life. Put a gap between one exercise to other prevent you from injuries. Sleep 8 hours a day is highly beneficial to restore your muscles and body for next day workout.

Follow the above steps can help you to avoid injuries during exercise. This post really helpful to you do not forget to share and comment.

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