7 Natural Cure Remedies for Dandruff

Today modern world dandruff is the biggest problem for both men and women. Dandruff is the irritate problem for suffering persons. It is one of the most important reasons for hair loss. So most of the people use anti dandruff shampoo for quick relief. But it makes the problem worse. Naturally the dead cells come out of the skin. It is also happen for scalp of the head. Chemical in shampoo cause more cell dropping leads to dandruff. Dandruff starts at teenage of both male and female. It is very harmful in summer hot and winter cold.

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how to cure Dandruff

What causes Dandruff

> Environmental pollution, Automobiles smoke and chemical in the water stay on the head increase dandruff.

> Dandruff easily spread through comb, dress and pillow used by other dandruff persons.

> Vitamin deficiency, lack of nutrition causes dandruff.

> Dryness of hair due to improper applies of oil results to dandruff.

> Not properly take oil bath weekly once.

> Shampoo, Hair Oil, Hair gel with high chemical properties affects the oil secretion parts, because of that problem head skin becomes dry and cause dandruff.

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7 Natural Tips to Cure Dandruff really fast

> Take the leaves and flowers of Hibiscus grind and make it as a paste and apply as a shampoo.

> Grind White Pepper with Milk and rubbed the paste on scalp leave it for half an hour and take a bath.

> Dry the skin of lemon in the sunlight and grind it as powder. Add little water with lemon powder and make it as paste. Rub on the scalp wait for 15 minutes and take bath for good result.

> To avoid dandruff add chess, butter, milk or meat in your daily food, which increase the functions of oil secreting glands in the head results quick relief.

> Take egg and half lemon and separate the white from egg and mix the two in a glass and apply in the scalp of the head and sit under the A/C or fan and wait for half an hour. Then your hair becomes very hard and rubbish. This shows the correct time to take bath. Follow this method weekly two times is good for both dandruff and hair loss.

> Grind small onion with curd and apply it for 30 minutes and take a bath for good result.

> Take an oil bath with shikakai weekly two times for quick benefit. Use Tripalthi or Gingelly oil and apply it on scalp, body and massage. Wait for 30 minutes and apply Shikakai power for bath.

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These are the Natural Tips highly recommended by ClickHealthTips to cure Dandruff easily.

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    Some people find that dairy products actually cause them more dandruff problems because they tend to cause hormonal imbalances in some people.

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      If dairy product is not suitable then try shikakai. Shikakai is the top most remedy for dandruff and hair loss. In my next article I definitely share the preparation process of shikakai in addition with herbal leaves. Thanks for your comment.

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    Can you please share the preparation process of sikakai and how to apply it.

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