5 Core Exercise to Build your Core and Abs Strong

Core points out the strength and weakness of every person. Most of the young boys and girls want to make their body strong, fit and healthy. So they go to gym and workout hard for their leg, chest, muscles and abs. Select healthy foods to add in their daily menu. But they do not know the importance of core exercise. In our body core is one of the powerful part for total body strength. It plays an important role during running, exercise and better sex relationship between both men and women.

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Importance of Core Exercise

> Core exercise keeps your total body strong, brisk and energetic.

> It prevents you from aging diseases like nervous disorder, back pain, neck pain etc.

> Core exercise improves the functioning of Lungs, Heart and keeps them healthy.

> Core exercise is very important for satisfying sex relationship for both of them.

Top 5 Exercise to Strengthen Core and Abs

These five exercises are highly recommended for every person to strengthen their core strong and healthy. These exercises improve flexibility and strengthen the lower back muscles and abs.

Left Oblique Crunch

left oblique Core Exercise


> Lie on the carpet and hold the legs together.

> Fold the left hand in your right hip and hold right hand backside of your head.

> Slowly raise your body shown above.

> For alternate fold the right hand in your left hip and hold left hand backside of your head.

> In normal breath repeat up to 20 counts.

Long Arm Crunch


long arm core exercise

> Lie on the carpet and lift the hands upwards and join the palms like “Namaskar“.

> Bring the hands close to ears and slowly raise your head shown above.

> Then put your head down and come to normal. In normal breath stay on 10 seconds and gradually increase up to 20 seconds.

> Repeat up to 3 times be highly beneficial.

Half Curl Crunch

Half Curl Core Exercise


> Lie on the floor and hold the both legs.

> Put your right hand in your right thigh and left hand in your left thigh.

> Slowly raise your body from the floor at the same time waist and buttocks parts on the floor.

> Then lie on the floor and come to normal. In normal breath repeat up to 20 counts.

Vertical Leg Crunch

Vertical Leg Core Exercise


> Lie on the carpet and raise the both legs together 90 degree.

> Place the both hands backward towards the head.

> Slowly raise your body and touch the toes with your hand.

> In normal breath repeat up to 20 counts.

Plank Crunch

Plank Core Exercise

> Lie your front of the body on the floor.

> Bend the palm on the floor and twine the fingers one between the other.

> In this Position toes of the legs should balance the whole body weight.

> Beginner should start with 20 seconds and gradually increase up to 60 seconds.

Benefits of this Abs and Core Exercise

> Bones around the Hips are strengthening.

> Burn the fat around the upper stomach and keep them healthy.

> Body weight decreases. Hand muscles get enough exercise.

> Core is stretched in a line upwards. Thereby core out of shape is straightened.

> Most of the nerves below hip pass through buttocks and behind thighs. These exercises strengthen these nerves.

> Sports persons must do this exercise to increase their energy level and make them energetic.

Caution: Those who have Lumbago, Spinal Cord disorder, Neck Pain, Blood pressure consult your physician before doing this exercise.

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